General Roman Andriyovych Rudenko, Russian prosecutor, IMT 1945-1946

This is photo # 1910 from "souvenir set of Nurnberg War Crimes Trials photos." This is a photo of General Ruman Rudenko, the Russian prosecutor. This photo is from the first Nuremberg Trial (IMT) 1945-1946.

Black Shrouds on Justice Jackson’s Chair

Description on photo includes: Black crepe hung in front of the high-backed leather chair of Associate Justice Robert H. Jackson today and the Supreme Court was expected to lay aside its scheduled business as final tribute to Jackson who died Saturday of a heart attack.

Family of New Justice

Washington, June 12 - Family of New Justice -- Attorney General Robert H. Jackson, nominated today as Justice of the Supreme Court, sits with his family. Left to right: Mary M. Jackson, a daughter; Mrs. Jackson; the Attorney General; and William E

Speaking on the Revenue Act of 1935

Jackson speaks before the Senate Finance Committee on the Revenue Act of 1935

“Will Fight the Tax Appeal”

Advance picture of the start of the Andrew Mellon Hearing, February 18th, 1935

Assistant Attorney General, 1936

  Photo of Robert H. Jackson when he as Assistant Attorney General of the United States.

Robert H. Jackson, Robert L. Doughton, Pat Harrison, Washington D.C. 1937

Tax advice to Mrs. Roosevelt routine Treasury precedent, Congressional Committee told, Washington D.C., July 28, 1937

Paying Respect to President Roosevelt, 1939

Paying respect to President Roosevelt at the White House, 1939