Permanent Display

Permanent Exhibit: Nuremberg Photos by Raymond D’Addario

Raymond D'Addario was one of a few photographers assigned by the Army Pictorial Service to document the International Military Tribunal in Nuremberg, Germany. On November 21, 1945, senior Nazi officials took their seats in Courtroom 600 in the Palace of Justice. Ray’s photograph of the main defendants sitting in the docket surrounded by U.S. military guards has become the iconic symbol of the trial.

Exhibit Dates

May 25, 2022 - September 5, 2022

The Paper Trail of a Trial

"The Paper Trail of a Trial." Curated by Rachael Kosinski from the collection of the late Fr. Moritz Fuchs who was Jackson's bodyguard during the Nuremberg Trials, the exhibit will be on display through the summer.

Exhibit Dates

September 8, 2019 - September 6, 2020

Former Exhibit: Leading with Integrity & Innovation-A Tribute to Stan Lundine

This exhibit pays tribute to Stan Nelson Lundine and celebrates his political career nearly 50 years after it began.

Exhibit Dates

April 25, 2019 - September 9, 2019

Former Exhibit: “A Loaded Weapon” – Photographic Perspectives on U.S. Internment Camps Of WW II

“A Loaded Weapon: Photographic Perspectives on the Japanese American Internment Camps of World War II."  This exhibit is part of the Jackson Center’s ongoing series of rotating exhibits exploring current events and challenges through the lens of Justice Jackson’s life and work.

Permanent Display

Permanent Exhibit: Flags at Nuremberg

This tribute to the legacy of Robert H. Jackson was made possible through the generosity of our donors, and specifically Thomas Loftus III, Robert Loftus, and Julia Craighill, three of Jackson’s grandchildren.

Permanent Display

Permanent Exhibit: Perpetrators

Perpetrators is an exhibit of lithographs created by artist Sidney Chafetz (1922-2013). The pictures depict the individuals who carried out the policies of the Third Reich during World War II.