“Will Fight the Tax Appeal”


Robert H. Jackson, Internal Revenue Bureau, Andrew W. Mellon, Pittsburg PA, Tax Levy,


Will Fight the Tax Appeal of one of World's Richest Men Pittsburgh, PA - Robert H. Jackson, Jamestown, N.Y., lawyer, who is the General Counsel of the U.S. Internal Revenue Bureau and Chief Counsel opposing  Andrew W. Mellon's appeal from a $3,000,000 federal levy. The levy was made against Hoover's Secretary of the Treasury (one of the world's richest men), for income taxes and penalties for 1931. The appeal will be made before three members of the U.S. Board of Tax Appeals in Pittsburgh. Mellon's side will be presented by W.A. Seifert; noted tax lawyer, and Frank J. Hogan, Washington, D.C. trial lawyer.


20th Century, 1931-1935, Pittsburgh PA, Washington D.C.


The Robert H. Jackson Center


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