Tydings Opposes Jackson’s Court Nomination, Washington D.C., June 30, 1941

  Washington, June 30 -- Tydings Opposes Jackson Court Nomination -- Attorney General Robert Jackson (Left) and Sen. Millard E. Tydings (Right) (D-MD) faced each other across a hearing table today as Sen. Tydings told a Senate Judiciary Subcommittee Jackson was unfit for the Supreme Court to which he was nominated by President Roosevelt. Between them is Chairman Carl A

Robert H. Jackson Reads Congratulatory Message on New Job

Washington, June 12 -- Jackson Reads Congratulatory Message on New Job -- Nominated by President Roosevelt today to be an Associate Justice of the U.S. Supreme Court, Attorney General Robert Jackson sat at this desk in the Justice Department today and read over a message of congratulations.    

Roosevelt Holds Conference on Naval Defense

Roosevelt Holds Destroyer Parley President Roosevelt returned to Washington on August 22, 1940 to set up the American part of the American-Canadian defense board, and pursue negotiations for naval bases in British Western Hemisphere possessions, and consider whether to transfer American destroyers to Great Britain. Four members of FDRs cabinet leave the conference together. Left to right: Robert H. Jackson (Attorney General), Henry Stimson (Secretary of War), Sumner Welles (Acting Secretary of State), Frank Knox (Secretary of the Navy).

Jackson Named Associate Justice of the Supreme Court

Jackson Named Associate Justice of Supreme Court. President Roosevelt today elevated Harlan Fiske Stone to be Chief Justice of the United States. At the same time President Roosevelt nominated Sen. James F. Byrnes (D.) of South Carolina and Attorney General Robert H. Jackson to fill the two vacancies on the high court

Robert and Irene Jackson at a Washington D.C. Event

Scenes in the Life of Jackson, Possible New Chief Justice Washington D.C. - Since the announcement of the retirement July 1st of Chief Justice Charles Evans Hughes, reports that Attorney General Robert Jackson would succeed to the Chief Justiceship have been rampant. Here is a picture of Robert and Irene Jackson at a capital function early this year.

Family of New Justice

Washington, June 12 - Family of New Justice -- Attorney General Robert H. Jackson, nominated today as Justice of the Supreme Court, sits with his family. Left to right: Mary M. Jackson, a daughter; Mrs. Jackson; the Attorney General; and William E