Robert H. Jackson and Senator Edward R. Burke, 1938

Robert H. Jackson shakes hands with Senator Edward R. Burke of Nebraska, February 1938.

Thurman Arnold Sworn in as Assistant Attorney General, March 1938

Thurman Arnold, former Yale University Law Professor, sworn in as Assistant Attorney General in charge of anti-trust division, March 1938.

Homer S. Cummings Congratulates Robert H. Jackson, 1938

Attorney General Homer S. Cummings congratulating Robert H. Jackson, March 1938.

Jackson Listens to Senate Discuss Appointment as Solicitor General, 1938

Robert H. Jackson listens to members of the Senate Committee discuss his appointment as Solicitor General, February 1938.

Jackson Speaks at New York Press Association Dinner, 1938

Robert H. Jackson delivers an address at the New York Press Association dinner in Syracuse, NY, January 1938.

Jackson Speaks to Sara Delano Roosevelt at Jackson Day Dinner, 1938

Robert H. Jackson speaks to Mrs. Sara Delano Roosevelt and Major Henry Hooker at the Jackson Day dinner in New York City, January 1938.

Robert H. Jackson and Wendell L. Willkie before the America’s Town Meeting of the Air Debate, January 1938

Broadcast weekly from 1935 to 1956, America's Town Meeting of the Air was one of the most important public service projects of NBC. It attracted up to 3,000,000 listeners weekly, more than 1,000 discussion clubs were formed to listen to the broadcasts and to debate the issues raised, and transcripts of each program were widely distributed at modest cost to the radio audience, teachers and schools. Robert H. Jackson and Wendell L. Willkie appeared on America's Town Meeting of the Air on January 6, 1938.