Paying Respect to President Roosevelt, 1939


Robert H. Jackson, Solicitor General--United States, United States Supreme Court, Supreme Court of the United States, Supreme Court Justices, Felix Frankfurter, Hugo Black, Ernest Kneel, Harlan F. Stone, Charles Evans Hughes, Owen J. Roberts, Stanley F. Reed, William O. Douglas, Frank Murphy, White House, President Franklin D. Roosevelt,


Supreme Court Justices pay respects to Roosevelt--Led by Chief Justice Charles Evans Hughes seven members of the Supreme Court of the United States paid their respects to President Roosevelt at the White House today for the first time since 1935. Justice Pierce Butler, who is ill, and Justice James Clark McReynolds were absent. Shown as they left the executive mansion they are, left to right: Solicitor General Robert H. Jackson; Associate Justices Felix Frankfurter, Hugo Black; Court Reporter Ernest Kneel (in background); Associate Justice Harlan F. Stone; Chief Justice Hughes; Associate Justices Owen J. Roberts; Stanley F. Reed; William O. Douglas and Attorney General Frank Murphy.


20th Century, Washington D.C., 1939


The Robert H. Jackson Center


Associate Press Wirephoto


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