2022 Teacher Fellowship Program: August 8-12, 2022

Ideal for those who teach

  • Elementary, secondary students
  • English Language Arts, German, E.S.L.
  • Social Studies, Civics
  • Environmental Sciences
  • Arts, Computer Technology, Theater
  • Honors Courses

The Robert H. Jackson Center is calling all educators to design creative ways to educate students on the legacy of Robert H. Jackson. For one week, five educators will work with the Jackson Center and local institutions to create meaningful and engaging educational experiences through the relevance of Justice Jackson’s body of work. Educators will be encouraged to empower and inspire students to discuss and reflect on the universal principles of equality, fairness and justice. Learn about Jackson’s accomplishments, explore the Jackson Center Archives, and earn $500 while utilizing historical Chautauqua County, New York as your backdrop.

2022 Teacher Fellowship Details:

Fellows are invited to the Jackson Center beginning August 8, for an ‘immersion week’ under the direction of the Jackson Center educational advisor. Fellows will be introduced to the Center’s archival collection of Jackson material, and lectures on Jackson’s relevance to the academic disciplines in which the teachers specialize.

During the week, Fellows will develop their educational projects using research material available at the Center, through the Library of Congress, and various other resources. The Jackson Center also invites leading scholars to speak with the Fellows to supplement their research. Fellows will have access to relevant programs and seminars provided by nearby Chautauqua Institution.

The cost of books, materials, meals and lodging (if applicable) for each Fellow will be covered by the Jackson Center. Upon adequate completion of the program, participants will receive a $500 stipend, half at the conclusion of the Fellowship Week (Friday, August 12, 2022) and the remainder tied to providing feedback on the implementation of your developed education resources. Educators will be asked to implement Jackson-related resources into their school settings during the 2022-2023 school year and provide a detailed reflection on the success of the implementation.

The projects will be available for use in schools, colleges, communities, or professional organizations. The Center will integrate the materials created on its website to share with educators across the world. All work produced by the Fellows will become the property of the Robert H. Jackson Center.

Participant Eligibility:

To be accepted into the program, educators must demonstrate excellence in the classroom and participation in community and professional organizations, as well as knowledge of the importance of Justice Jackson and his contributions to issues of civil liberty.

● Any certified elementary or secondary level educator, including building and district administrators, with at least three years of classroom experience
● Scheduled to teach or administrate during the 2022 – 2023 school year
● Exemplary educational accomplishments beyond the classroom
● An engaging and inspiring presence that motivates students, colleagues
and the community

Application Process:

Interested educators must submit a letter of interest, resume, and a short essay responding to one of these prompts:

● List and discuss two units of study in which the life and accomplishments of Robert H. Jackson can be integrated into your current curriculum.
● In what ways could your local community benefit from Robert H. Jackson’s legacy?

Please submit applications to info@roberthjackson.org by April 22, 2022