The International Military Tribunal at Nuremberg

(November 1945-October 1946)

Robert H. Jackson at Nuremberg

The International Military Tribunal at Nuremberg prosecuted the leading Nazi war criminals following WWII.

The Nuremberg trial grew out of the Allied Powers’ military victory over Nazi Germany. In spring 1945, Nazi Germany surrendered unconditionally to the Allies—the German government ceased to exist. The Allies militarily occupied what had been Germany, imprisoned many Nazis as their prisoners, and began to prepare to try Nazi leaders as war criminals. In Summer 1945, the Allies created the International Military Tribunal (IMT), the world’s first international criminal court, to adjudicate these cases.

Beginning in Fall 1945, the Allies prosecuted before the IMT twenty-two Nazi leaders and six Nazi organizations. They were charged with four crimes:
(1) common plan or agreement;
(2) waging aggressive war;
(3) committing war crimes; and
(4) committing crimes against humanity.

The trial was held in Nuremberg, a city located in what had been southeastern Germany and then was located in the U.S. military occupation zone. By appointment of President Truman, U.S. Supreme Court associate justice Robert H. Jackson served as U.S. Chief of Counsel – the U.S. chief prosecutor – at Nuremberg.

The Robert H. Jackson Center is making available and organizing as resources both audio and video recordings of the Nuremberg trial proceedings. This guide, featuring links to those recordings organized in chronological order, will be expanding on a regular basis.

Last updated: May 7, 2021


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Opening of the Trial

November 20, 1945 (Trial Day 1): Chief Judge Sir Geoffrey Lawrence's Opening Remarks

November 21, 1945 (Trial Day 2): Justice Robert H. Jackson's Opening Statement

Part 1 of Jackson’s Opening Statement, based on audio recordings from the World Court, enhanced by images from Court TV’s coverage of the Nuremberg Trial on its 50th anniversary.

Part 2:

December 4, 1945 (Trial Day 12): Chief British Prosecutor Sir Hartley Shawcross' Opening Statement

Part 2:

January 17, 1946 (Trial Day 36): Chief French Prosecutor Francois de Menthon's Opening Statement

February 8, 1946 (Trial Day 54): Chief Russian Prosecutor General Roman Rudenko's Opening Statement (Part 1)

Part 2:

*The Prosecution Cases* (Pending)

1. The United States of America (U.S.)

(material to be added)

November 22, 1945 (Trial Day 3): Associate Trial Counsels Robert Storey & Ralph Albrecht, Presentation of Evidence of Count One of the indictment

Associate Trial Counsel Frank Wallis, The Case on Nazi Common Plan & Conspiracy

November 23, 1945 (Trial Day 4): American Associate Trial Counsel Frank Wallis, Con't

American Associate Trial Counsel Thomas Dodd on Economic Preparation (Part 1)

Part 2:

American Associate Trial Counsel Sidney Alderman on Aggressive War (Part 1)

November 26, 1945 (Trial Day 5): American Associate Trial Counsel Sidney Alderman (Part 2)

2. The United Kingdom of Great Britain & Northern Ireland (U.K)

(material to be added)

3. The Union of Soviet Socialist Republics (U.S.S.R)

(material to be added)

4. The French Republic

(material to be added)

* The Individual Defendants' Cases*

1. Hermann Goering

March 11, 1946 (Trial Day 78): Gen. Erhard Milch Cross Robert H. Jackson

March 12, 1946 (Trial Day 79): Bernd von Brauchtisch Direct Dr. Otto Stahmer

Bernd von Brauchitsch Cross, Robert H. Jackson

March 13, 1946 (Trial Day 80): Herman Goering-Full Testimony in German

(subtitles & auto translate available)

March 14, 1946 (Trial Day 81): Goering Direct by Dr. Otto Stahmer, Part 1

(subtitles & auto translate available)

Part 2 (subtitles & auto translate available)

March 15, 1946 (Trial Day 82): Goering Testimony Part 1

(subtitles & auto translation available)

Part 2 (no auto translation available)

Justice Robert H. Jackson Objects to a Line of Questioning

(subtitles & auto translate available)

March 16, 1946 (Trial Day 83): Defense Counsel Examines Goering

(subtitles & auto translation available)

March 18, 1946 (Trial Day 84): Goering's Defense Testimony

(subtitles & auto translation available)

Justice Robert H. Jackson Cross Examines Goering

(subtitles & auto translate available)

March 19, 1946 (Trial Day 85): Justice Robert H. Jackson's Cross Examination continued

(subtitles & auto translate available)

March 20, 1946 (Trial Day 86): Justice Robert H. Jackson's Cross Examination Concludes

(subtitles & auto translate available)

Sir David Maxwell Fyfe Begins his Cross Examination (subtitles & auto translate available)

March 21, 1946 (Trial Day 87): Sir David Maxwell Fyfe concludes his Cross Examination

(subtitles & auto translate available)

General Roman Rudenko's Cross Examination

(no subtitles or auto translate available)

March 22, 1946 (Trial Day 88): Re-Direct by Dr. Otto Stahmer

(subtitles & auto translation available)

M. Auguste Champetier de Ribes, French Chief Prosecutor's Statement

(subtitles & auto translation available)

2. Rudolph Hess

March 22, 1946 (Trial Day 88): Hess Flight Affidavit by Secretary Read by Dr. Alfred Seidl

March 24, 1946 (Trial Day 90): Rudolf Hess Scotland Flight Memo Read by Dr. Seidl

3. Joachim von Ribbentrop

March 28, 1946 (Trial Day 93): Joachim von Ribbentrop Direct by Dr. Martin Horn, Part 1

March 29, 1946 (Trial Day 94): Joachmin von Ribbentrop Direct by Dr. Martin Horn, Part 2

Part 3:

March 30, 1946 (Trial Day 95): Part 4 (Conclusion of Ribbentrop Direct Testimony)

April 1, 1946 (Trial Day 96): Ribbentrop Cross by Sir David Maxwell-Fyfe (Part 1)

Part 2:

April 2, 1946 (Trial Day 97): Joachim von Ribbentrop Cross by French Prosecutor Edgar Faure

Joachim von Ribbentrop Cross by American Trial Counsel John Amen

Joachim Von Ribbentrop Cross by Gen. Roman Rudenko

Reflections on the Nuremberg Trial

For reflections from Nuremberg prosecutors, reporters, and others who witnessed the trial, check out our Youtube playlist by clicking here.