Are We Going Broke? A Debate of National Finances (America Has Only Scratched Her Resources)

Of course no thrifty-minded person views an increase of the public debt with satisfaction, and no sensible official favors spending public funds to a greater extent than conditions imperatively require. It is equally true that no influential person should disregard or discount the factors in the present situation which give reason for confidence in our present national financial soundness and stability.

Interest of the Department of Justice in Section 77B

The successful operation of the recently enacted corporation reorganization provisions of the Bankruptcy Act is a matter of interest and concern to the Department of Justice as well as to all other agencies interested in the proper administration of justice. The hopes held out by these sections that speedy, inexpensive and reasonably equitable reorganization of embarrassed corporations shall be possible is in the hands of the bench and bar.

Is Landon Constitutional?

The constitutional issue, which threatened at the beginning of the campaign to be of major importance, was for a time evidently recognized as a hot potato by both sides and was generally ignored In his last few speeches, however, Governor Landon has again, perhaps rashly, brought the issue into the limelight. Particularly in his Detroit speech on October 13 the Republican candidate devoted most of his remarks to criticism of what he called President Roosevelt's usurpation of legislative power, and of his readiness to ignore or to defy the power of the courts.

People’s Business

Mr. Edward E. Loomis, who wrote on "Taxes and Labor" in the December FORUM, dislikes taxes- apparently all taxes. Emotionally, I am in sympathy with him. From childhood we hear about death and taxes as the twin evils all must face. Nearly all revolutions have been contributed to by a hatred of taxation.