Black Shrouds on Justice Jackson’s Chair

Description on photo includes: Black crepe hung in front of the high-backed leather chair of Associate Justice Robert H. Jackson today and the Supreme Court was expected to lay aside its scheduled business as final tribute to Jackson who died Saturday of a heart attack.

Robert P. Patterson, Furth Airport, Germany

United States Secretary of War, Robert P. Patterson at Furth airport in Germany.

Wilhelm Keitel, IMT, Nuremberg Germany, 1945-1946

Defendant Wilhelm Keitel talks with his defense in the free period after noon lunch. Wilhelm Keitel was a German Field Marshal, head of the   Oberkommando der Wehrmacht (Supreme Command of the Armed Forces) and de facto war minister. At the Allied court at Nuremberg he was tried, sentenced to death and hanged as a major war criminal October 16, 1946.

Paying Respect to President Roosevelt, 1939

Paying respect to President Roosevelt at the White House, 1939

General Roman Andriyovych Rudenko, Russian prosecutor, IMT 1945-1946

This is photo # 1910 from "souvenir set of Nurnberg War Crimes Trials photos." This is a photo of General Ruman Rudenko, the Russian prosecutor. This photo is from the first Nuremberg Trial (IMT) 1945-1946.

Roosevelt Holds Conference on Naval Defense

Roosevelt Holds Destroyer Parley President Roosevelt returned to Washington on August 22, 1940 to set up the American part of the American-Canadian defense board, and pursue negotiations for naval bases in British Western Hemisphere possessions, and consider whether to transfer American destroyers to Great Britain. Four members of FDRs cabinet leave the conference together. Left to right: Robert H. Jackson (Attorney General), Henry Stimson (Secretary of War), Sumner Welles (Acting Secretary of State), Frank Knox (Secretary of the Navy).

Jackson Speaking at the American Political Science Association Meeting, Philadelphia 1937

Robert H. Jackson speaks at the annual meeting of the American Political Science Association in Philadelphia, PA, December 1937.

Prison Cell, Palace of Justice, Nuremberg Germany, IMT 1945-1946

This is photo #1913 from "Souvenir Set of Nurnberg War Crimes Trials Photos." This photo shows a typical prison cell in the Palace of Justice. This photo is from the IMT 1945-1946.

Prime Minister Mackenzie King of Canada Arrives in Nuremberg

Canadian Prime Minister William Lyon MacKenzie King arrived in Nuremberg, Germany. Troops stand at attention.