Franz von Papen & Franz von Papen, Jr., IMT, Nuremberg Germany, 1945-1946

Father and son are brought together at the prison at the Palace of Justice in Nuremberg, Germany. Left Franz von Papen Jr. consults with his father in aid of his defense. Franz von Papen was acquitted by the IMT.

Robert H. Jackson & William E. Jackson leaving Palace of Justice, IMT, Nuremberg Germany, 1945-1946

"U.S. Prosecutor Robert H. Jackson leaves the courtroom following the morning session. Directly behind him is his son, Ensign William E., working with the American Prosecution Staff."- Ray D'Addario

Hermann Goering on Witness Stand, IMT, Nuremberg Germany, 1945-1946

Hermann Goering on the witness stand during the noon recess. Goering has a soldier on either side of him.

Albert Kesselring, IMT, Nuremberg Germany, 1945-1946

Witness is Albert Kesselring, a German Luftwaffe Generalfeldmarschall. After the war, Kesselring was tried for war crimes and sentenced to death. The sentence was subsequently commuted to life imprisonment. A political and media campaign resulted in his release in 1952 for poor health. Commander-in-Chief of German Forces in Italy and Military Commander of Italy. Presented as a witness in Goering's defense.

Black Shrouds on Justice Jackson’s Chair

Description on photo includes: Black crepe hung in front of the high-backed leather chair of Associate Justice Robert H. Jackson today and the Supreme Court was expected to lay aside its scheduled business as final tribute to Jackson who died Saturday of a heart attack.

Robert P. Patterson, Furth Airport, Germany

United States Secretary of War, Robert P. Patterson at Furth airport in Germany.

Wilhelm Keitel, IMT, Nuremberg Germany, 1945-1946

Defendant Wilhelm Keitel talks with his defense in the free period after noon lunch. Wilhelm Keitel was a German Field Marshal, head of the   Oberkommando der Wehrmacht (Supreme Command of the Armed Forces) and de facto war minister. At the Allied court at Nuremberg he was tried, sentenced to death and hanged as a major war criminal October 16, 1946.

Paying Respect to President Roosevelt, 1939

Paying respect to President Roosevelt at the White House, 1939