The Supreme Court and Interstate Barriers

These concise words have been a source of almost continuous litigation and vexation for the Supreme Court. The clause has been the focus of many of the most important conflicts between federal power and states' rights. It forms the warp into which theoreticians have woven strange designs of laissez faire and patterns to separate acts of commerce from antecedents such as production or mining and from subsequent acts such as distribution.

Opinion on Exchange

In accordance with your request I have considered your constitutional and statutory authority to proceed by executive agreement with the British Government immediately to acquire for the United States certain off-shore naval and air bases in the Atlantic Ocean without awaiting the inevitable delays which would accompany the conclusion of a formal treaty.

Messages On The Launching Of The “Bill of Rights Review”

Every failure of civil rights is at bottom a reflection on the legal profession. The last census revealed approximately 160,00 lawyers in the United States, or one lawyer for about 760 of population. These lawyers reside in every community, large and small; they are in contact with every class of the people; and they take part in every individual and group struggle.

Judicial Career of Chief Justice Hughes

The afterglow of a distinguished career is not a satisfactory light in which to subject it to critical judgment. Only the perspective that comes with time enables a severance of the work from the worker, and supplies the criteria to appraise the value and endurance of one's effort.