Professor John Q. Barrett, Professor of Law at St. John’s University and Robert H. Jackson Center board member and Elizabeth S. Lenna Fellow, honors Jackson’s life and legacy with his writing.

Robert H. Jackson’s life was very human, accessible, real, imperfect, well-spent and happy. His effective work, his glowing words and his powerful example across so many fields are greatness and high inspiration. Millions around the world know that already, and many millions more should. I’m honored to be part of the Jackson Center because it shares information, promotes values and teaches habits that give every person, and especially every younger person starting out “nowhere” as RHJ once did, a chance to live a fuller, smarter, more substantive, more engaged, and more successful life—a more Jacksonian life.

Professor Barrett, is writing the biography of U.S. Supreme Court Justice and Nuremberg chief prosecutor Robert H. Jackson (1892-1954), sends periodic “Jackson List” emails about Justice Jackson, the Supreme Court, Nuremberg and related topics to a private but entirely non-selective email list–all are welcome. The Jackson List reaches many thousands of subscribers around the world (and thanks to them for forwarding these notes widely).

The Jackson List is an archive of past posts, organized in reverse chronological order by original email date (from most recent back to 2003).  These essays, which have footnotes and some embedded images, are “book look” PDF files.