Robert H. Jackson and Wendell L. Willkie before the America’s Town Meeting of the Air Debate, January 1938


Robert H. Jackson, Assistant Attorney General--United States, Wendell L. Willkie, Commonwealth and Southern Corporation, America's Town Meeting of the Air, Town Hall, New York City, New Deal


Discuss Business and Government Cooperation--New York City---Robert H. Jackson (left), Assistant Attorney General of the United States, and Wendell L. Willkie, President of the Commonwealth and Southern Corporation, before their broadcast from Town Hall this evening on the program of "America's Town Hall Meeting of the Air." In discussing the question "How can business and government work together?", Mr. Willkie scored the slurs on business and asked an end of government "catchwords" and more cooperation. Mr. Jackson renewed the charges he has made against big business.


20th Century, New York City, 1938


The Robert H. Jackson Center


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