Nimitz & Doenitz

This segment from the Court TV documentary on the Nuremberg Trial anchored by Fred Graham shows the cross examination of Defendant Karl Doenitz, Commander-in-Chief of the Nazi Navy, by Sir David Maxwell-Fyfe.The subject was certain Orders issued by Doenitz regarding rescue: “Do not rescue any men; do not take them along; and do not take care of any boat of the ship….”
To counteract this evidence, Doenitz’s defense counsel, Dr. Otto Kranzbuehler obtained the permission of the Tribunal obtain an interrogatory from U.S. Admiral Chester Nimitz, Commander-in-Chief of the U.S. Pacific Fleet.
On July 2, 1946 Dr. Kranzbuehler offered the Nimitz answers into evidence . It was cruciall testimony for Doenitz..

Produced by US Army Signal Corps 1945-1956, housed in National Archives and Records Administration (NARA). Digitized and provided by The United States Holocaust Memorial Museum; Steven Spielberg Film and Video Archive.