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The United States Supreme Court

This 120-minute lesson focuses on the history and operation of the United States Supreme Court.  Students will learn about the power of judicial review and how the court’s decisions impact society and their daily lives.

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Robert H. Jackson as United States Attorney General-Destroyers for Bases Agreement and Lend-Lease Act

In this 90 minute lesson, 11th grade students will examine reasons for the passage of the Neutrality Acts (1935-1937) and consider the national debate as a shift to pro-Allied policies including “cash and carry” and Lend-Lease.


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The Andrew Mellon Case: 1934-1937

One 60-minute interactive lesson for grade 11 United States History and Government class complete with websites and suggested video clips from the DVD, Liberty Under law:  The Robert H. Jackson Story.

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The Early Years – Life in Frewsburg & Jamestown, NY

Two 40-minute, interactive class lessons for a grade 11 United States History and Government classroom complete with photographs, handouts, and suggested video clips from the DVD, Liberty Under Law:  The Robert H. Jackson Story.

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Teacher’s Guide to Jarrow Biography of Jackson (includes Brown v. Board of Education)

A Teacher's Guide to Brown v. Board of Education.


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Evidence of a War Crime: Jackson, Nuremberg & Holocaust Denial

"We must establish incredible events by credible evidence." - Justice Robert H. Jackson, Chief American Prosecutor at the Nuremberg Trial.

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Korematsu v. United States & Robert H. Jackson’s Dissenting Opinion

Students Learn About the Power of One Person Who Took A Stand

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From Nuremberg to the Hague

International Justice for Students. Five steps for a Zero-Prep, Common Core-Friendly, 40-Minute, Interactive Class Activity

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Robert H. Jackson in the World Today

Robert H. Jackson believed his greatest accomplishment was his service as U.S. Chief Prosecutor in Nuremberg, Germany following World War II. It was there that Jackson served as Chief of Counsel for the United States in charge of prosecuting the highest-ranking Nazi leaders. His brilliance bringing Nazi war criminals to justice set the standards for modern international law, to which the world continues to look today.

The Robert H. Jackson Center envisions a global society where the universal principles of equality, fairness and justice prevail.