About the Robert H. Jackson Center


The mission of the Robert H. Jackson Center is to advance public awareness and appreciation of the principles of justice and the rule of law as embodied in the achievements and legacy of Robert H. Jackson, U.S. Supreme Court Justice and Chief U.S. Prosecutor at Nuremberg.

The Robert H. Jackson Center invites and initiates scholarly work on Jackson’s legal, social and political contributions. Programs focus on exploring and challenging the universal principles of equality, fairness and justice through interactive exhibits and facilitated discussions. As such, the Center invites national and international officials and dignitaries to analyze contemporary issues of peace and justice and their relevance to Justice Jackson’s body of work; provides local educational opportunities for school children and college students; and hosts continuing education for attorneys, judges and public officials.


The Robert H. Jackson Center envisions a global society where the universal principles of equality, fairness and justice prevail.

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Our Namesake

Robert H. Jackson (1892-1954) was a leading American lawyer, judge, writer and life of the 20th century. He served as a United States Supreme Court Justice from 1941 until 1954. During 1945-46, Justice Jackson was the architect of the international trial process and then the chief prosecutor of the surviving Nazi leaders at Nuremberg, Germany.

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Our Staff

The staff of the Robert H. Jackson Center is dedicated to preserving the legacy of Justice Jackson and promoting how his contributions to law and society are relevant in the world today. The staff is instrumental in creating programming, exhibits and events that honor Justice Jackson.

Our Supporters

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