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IHLD 2013

7th Annual International Humanitarian Law Diaglogs

The 7th annual International Humanitarian Law Dialogs, co-sponsored by the Robert H. Jackson Center at the Chautauqua, is an historic gathering of renowned international prosecutors from Nuremburg through the present day and leading professionals in the international criminal field. This unique three-day event, held August 25-27, will allow participants and the public to engage in meaningful dialogue concerning past and
contemporary crimes against humanity, and the role of modern international criminal law.

The Long Hot Summer after the Arab Spring: Accountability and the Rule of Law

The Arab Spring is one of the major geopolitical events of the 21st Century. Not since the fall of the Berlin Wall and the demise of the Soviet Union has there been such a sea change in world power. With these seminal
events comes strife, conflict, and tensions that challenge the rule of law and international peace and security.
The Seventh Annual International Humanitarian Law Dialogs will consider, discuss, and reflect on the Arab Spring and the concerns related to accountability and the rule of law stemming from the conflicts that have
caused thousands of deaths and millions displaced. Join the chief prosecutors of the world's international courts and tribunals, along with senior diplomat, and distinguished academics as they convene once again at the world famous Chautauqua Institution in Upstate New York

There will be live web streaming Monday August 26th from Fletcher Hall. If you are interested in viewing the dialogs from your computer please click here to access the live web connection.

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