Prosecutors pictured at the 8th International Humanitarian Law Dialogs

The Robert H. Jackson Center announces the schedule and speakers for the  9th annual International Humanitarian Law Dialogs Monday August 31st- Tuesday September 1st at Chautauqua Institution. This year’s theme will commemorate the 20th anniversary of the Srebrenica Massacre and the 70th anniversary of the opening commencement of the International Military Tribunal (IMT) at Nuremburg.

Download a pdf of the IHLD schedule here

“The Wrongs We Seek…”

Sunday August 30th– Arrival

2:00 p.m. Movie Screening at Chautauqua Cinema Seeking the Truth in the Balkans, Erin Lovall and June Vutrano with a Panel: Dean Michael Scharf and Professor Jennifer Trahan

Monday August 31st– DAY ONE OF THE DIALOGS

7:30 a.m. Breakfast with the Prosecutors at the Athenaeum Hotel

9:00    Welcome

  •      President of Robert H. Jackson Center, James C. Johnson
  •      President of Chautauqua Institution, Thomas Becker

9:15      Katherine B. Fite Lecture

  •      Sponsored by the IntLawGrrls
  •      Delivered by Patricia Sellers
  •      Introduced by Professor Beth Van Schaack

9:50      The Impunity Watch Essay Contest Award Ceremony

  •      Presented by Andrew Beiter and Kyle Herda

10:00      Break

10:30      Reflections by the Current Prosecutors

  •      Moderated by Dean Michael Scharf

12:15p.m.Lunch at the Athenaeum Hotel

1:00    The Clara Barton Lecture

  •      Sponsored by the American Red Cross
  •      Delivered by Claudia Paz y Paz
  •      Introduced by Federico Barillas Schwank

2:30    Round Table Discussion: Srebenica Masscare at Fletcher Hall

  •      Prof. William Schabas, Hon. Pat Wald, Hon. Mark Harmon
  •      Moderated by Professor Leila Sadat

4:15      Student “Porch Sessionat Fletcher Hall

  •      Sponsored by the International Bar Association
  •      A conversation with the Prosecutors and students
  •       Moderated by Andrew Beiter and Kate Elci

6:00      Reception on the Porches at the Athenaeum Hotel

  •      Sponsored by the American Bar Association

6:30     Dinner at the Athenaeum Hotel

7:30      Keynote Address

  •    Delivered by Henrike Claussen
  •     Introduced by Dr. Douglas Neckers

Tuesday September 1st– DAY TWO OF THE DIALOGS

7:45 a.m. Breakfast with the Prosecutors at the Athenaeum Hotel

8:15           Reflections

  •                    Delivered by Professor David Crane

9:00           Year in Review at the Presbyterian Chapel

  •                    Presented by Professor Mark Drumbl

11:00      Porch Sessions at the Athenaeum Hotel

  • The Legacy of International Military Tribunal at Nuremberg  with Professor William Schabas, Mark Agrast
  • The Legacy of the ITCY with Prosecutor Brenda Hollis, Professor Valerie Oosterveld
  • The Role of the ICC in the Middle East, Professor Jennifer Trahan, Professor Michael Newton
  • UNSC Impasse to Justice? with Dean Michael Scharf, Professor Paul Williams

12:30 p.m. Lunch at the Athenaeum Hotel

1:00      Luncheon Keynote

  •      Delivered by Hon. Pat Wald
  •       Introduced by Professor Diane Amann

2:30      The Issuance of the 9th Chautauqua Declaration

  •        Moderated by Elizabeth Andersen