Robert H. Jackson Center

IHLD 2010

Crimes Against Peace - Aggression in the 21st Century

The 4th International Humanitarian Law Dialogs is an historic gathering of renowned international prosecutors from Nuremberg through present day, and leading professionals in the academic fields. A unique, two-day symposium, the Dialogs are held annually on the picturesque Chautauqua grounds. The gathering allows participants, their guests, and the public to engage in meaningful dialog concerning international criminal law's past, present, and future.

The Dialogs culminated with the issuance of the Fourth Chautauqua Declaration, signed by the prosecutors in attendance. Click on the link below to view the entire Declaration.
  • Fourth Chautauqua Declaration (663.26 KB)

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    Click here to read an article published in The Jurist: Legal News and Research on the 2010 Dialogs.

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    Benjamin B. Ferencz
    United States Military Tribunals, Nuremberg

    David M. Crane
    Special Court for Sierra Leone

    Serge Brammertz
    International Criminal Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia

    Ambassador Stephen Rapp
    Ambassador at Large for War Crimes Issues

    Robert Petit
    Extraordinary Chambers in the Courts of Cambodia

    Fatou Bensouda
    International Criminal Court

    H.W. William Caming
    United States Military Tribunals, Nuremberg

    Richard J. Goldstone
    International Criminal Tribunals for Rwanda & the former Yugoslavia

    James C. Johnson
    Special Court for Sierra Leone

    Andrew T. Cayley
    Extraordinary Chambers in the Courts of Cambodia

    Bongani Majola
    International Criminal Tribunal for Rwanda


    Leila Nadya Sadat
    Washington University School of Law

    Michael P. Scharf
    Case Western University School of Law

    John Q. Barrett
    St. John's University School of Law

    David Scheffer
    Center for International Human Rights & Northwestern University School of Law

    John Washburn
    American Non Governmental Organizations Coalition for the ICC (AMICC)

    Bill Pace
    Coalition for the International Criminal Court

    David Sullivan
    The Enough! Project

    Valerie Oosterveld
    University of Western Ontario

    William Schabas
    International Association of Genocidal Scholars

    Diane Marie Amann
    American Society for International Law

    The Hon. Hans-Peter Kaul
    International Criminal Court

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