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2015 Summer Interns

The Robert H. Jackson Center offers internships for college students as a major part of its educational mission. Internships are not limited to students with pre-law ambitions, although it is expected that most applicants will come from that field or the field of communications. All students currently enrolled in undergraduate or law school may apply. An interest in research and writing is the most important qualification for the internship, or knowledge of video and photo editing.

Interns will work directly with the staff of the Robert H. Jackson Center as they determine their project. Each project will allow the intern to experience the legal profession through the life and career of a major figure in the history of the United States, Robert H. Jackson. Areas of work are subject to discussion and will reflect the skills and interests of the intern and the needs of the Jackson Center. Some possibilities include the following:

  • Working with the Jackson Center webmaster to expand the information offered on the web site related to the life and accomplishments of Robert H. Jackson.
  • Researching local newspaper files and Chautauqua County Court records.
  • Developing time lines and or scripts based on the Jackson Center’s archived cablecasts and videotapes of interviews and speeches. This will be directly related to the long-term goal of producing educational materials and programs related to:
    • Jackson’s 20 years as a country lawyer in Chautauqua County
    • Jackson’s years with the Roosevelt administration, first as Solicitor General, then
      as Attorney General of the United States
    • Cases in which Jackson wrote opinions during his years as Associate Justice on
      the US Supreme Court
    • Prosecution of the Nuremberg War Trials, which Jackson served as Chief
    • Working with the Jackson Center archivist to review and document the Center’s
      extensive documents and video collection.

Summer interns work between Memorial Day and Labor Day for a period of up to 12 weeks on a flexible schedule that will be determined between the intern and the intern coordinator. The intern coordinator serves as a “coach” and there are regular opportunities to meet with administrative and staff members on a range of issues and topics pertaining to the intern’s assignments and interests.

The Robert H. Jackson Center accepts a limited number of summer interns. If you are interested, please send an inquiry to the Executive Director, Robert H. Jackson Center, 305 E. 4th St., Jamestown, NY 14701 or .

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