The Long Road Home: A Veteran’s Tale

On Tuesday, November 6, 2018, the Jackson Center will host “The Long Road Home: A Veteran’s Tale,” in its Cappa Theatre at 6:00 pm.  The program is part of the Center’s Defenders of Freedom project. The Center is pleased to welcome Eric Bourquin, a platoon sergeant in the U.S. Army who completed three combat tours, one in Afghanistan and two in Iraq.  On April 4, 2004, Bourquin’s platoon was ambushed in Sadr City, Iraq. The deadly battle came to be known as “Black Sunday.”  Bourquin’s life story is part of the National Geographic Channel’s global event miniseries “The Long Road Home,” that recounts the Black Sunday battle. The series is based on the New York Times-bestselling book by Martha Raddatz.  Bourquin served as a military technical adviser for the series.

Bourquin will be interviewed by Jackson Center co-founder Gregory Peterson to share his expertise in leadership by delivering thoughtful and tested theories learned and developed over his military career. He is an experienced leader capable of inspiring others by sharing his experiences in life, combat and overcoming obstacles.  

Bourquin grew up in central Texas and enlisted in the Army in 1998. He trained as an infantryman and underwent advanced individual training at Fort Benning, Georgia.  He later served in the 1st Cavalry Division and 1st Infantry Division in various leadership positions. Following 15 years of service, Bourquin retired in 2013 and devotes his time to his wife, Leslie, and their four children. He is also focusing on his own healing and helping other veterans heal, while at the same time enjoying new experiences outside of the military.

Bourquin believes, “My experiences on the battlefield have taught me valuable lessons in leadership and my experiences and struggles in readjusting to civilian life continue to teach me lessons in the importance of leaning on the strength of others to build and share your own struggles.” The program was made possible by our donors, and the PFC Joseph P. Dwyer Veterans Peer to Peer Program grant from the Chautauqua County Department of Veterans Services.