“Judgment at Nuremberg”

L.A. Theatre Works will be touring “Judgment at Nuremberg,” a stage play by Abby Mann, in honor of the anniversary of World War II. The theatre company is well-known nationally and internationally as a non-profit media arts organization, based in Los Angeles. See http://www.latw.org

The American-led tribunals were formed to prosecute those accused of war crimes committed during WWII against Jews, Gypsies, homosexuals, people who were mentally and physically handicapped, and those considered inferior to the Aryan Race. But the themes explored in the play cover much broader and deeper ground: how compassion can become secondary to the rule of law; how human rights are compromised during times of conflict; and how politics plays a role in dealing with genocide — issues which remain relevant today.

In this absorbing and complex drama, a cast of unforgettable characters play out their highstakes game against the backdrop of a looming Cold War, shifting political alliances, and the shocking and vivid memories of the Holocaust and World War II.

This program is a partnership between the Robert H. Jackson Center and the Reg Lenna Center for the Arts. You can purchase tickets at www.reglenna.com.