Josiah Dubois, Jr.: Nuremberg Prosecutor and Statesmen

Josiah Dubois, Jr.

The public is invited to learn the remarkable story of Josiah Dubois Jr, an American attorney at the U.S. Treasury Department who played a crucial role in exposing State Department obstruction efforts to provide American visas to Jewish people trying to escape Nazi Europe. Dubois later led the Nuremberg prosecution of holocaust chemical manufacturer I.G. Farben.

5:00 p.m. Cocktail Reception

6:00 p.m. Cappa Theater

  • Introductory remarks – Gregory L. Peterson, Esq., co-founder of Robert H. Jackson Center, “The Legacy of Frank Farrell’s Hope’s Windows and Josiah DuBois, Jr.”
  • 5-minute video on the I. G. Farben case.
  • Book review – Nicolas Rotsko, Esq., Phillips Lytle LLC, on “The Devil’s Chemists” by Josiah DuBois, Jr.
  • Interview with Bob DuBois, son of Josiah Dubois, Jr.
  • Reflections – Rob Goldberg, Chief Executive Officer, Buffalo Jewish Federation

This program was made possible by the generosity of Robert H. Jackson Center donors, Hope’s Windows and in partnership with the Buffalo Jewish Federation.