How Vital is Corporate Environmental Responsibility?

“[I]f a high school course has not taught us to place a higher than commercial estimate upon the works of nature, the vital quality of our education is wanting. … [I]t is for us to rescue nature’s endowment from the hand of the despoiler and deliver her beauty from the blight of avarice. 

To us in this garden spot of new America is given a little city, also built upon hills and set gem-like within the seven encircling ends of a silver stream. Let it be one of the responsible and abiding tasks of our lives to make this loved home of our youth year by year more worthy of the setting which has been so cunningly fashioned by Nature’s matchless handicraft.”


An excerpt from An Unappreciated Heritage by Robert H. Jackson in his address to fellow classmates from Jamestown High School’s Class of 1910.

Please join the Robert H Jackson Center (RHJC) as we explore business opportunities and risks inherent in environmental sustainability.

The program will begin with reflections on the importance of the environment to Jackson’s formative years and how it shaped his perspective that the preservation of the environment relies on a commitment from the business community and its citizens.

A panel discussion will follow.  The panel includes Laurie Counsel, Environmental Relations Director at Cummins International and Allison Robinson, Director of the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center (UPMC) Environmental Initiatives, who will discuss their respective entity’s work to strengthen their fiscal health and the well-being of their communities through mitigating environmental impacts. To round out the picture, an attorney with experience in both prosecuting and defending corporations, will address current issues in health, safety, and environmental law.

Julia Craighill, president of Ensign Consulting, Jackson Center board member and Jackson’s granddaughter, will provide the opening reflections and moderate the panel.

This program is part of GREENUP Jamestown, a series of events leading up to Earth Day.