Annual Robert H. Jackson Day in Warren

"I did not suppose, and I am not persuaded, that history leaves it open to question, at least in the courts, that the executive branch, like the Federal Government as a whole, possesses only delegated powers. The purpose of the Constitution was not only to grant power but to keep it from getting out of hand." 

Justice Robert H. Jackson, Youngstown Sheet & Tube Company v. Sawyer, Concurring Opinion, 1952

Dr. Brian Harward

Join us on Feb. 12, 2020, at 7 p.m. at the Warren County Courthouse for our annual Jackson Day lecture, featuring Allegheny College Professor Dr. Brian Harward speaking on “Presidential Power in the Modern Era.”

Dr. Harward is a professor and the Robert G. Seddig Chair in Political Science and Director of the Center for Political Participation at Allegheny College. His lecture is based on his most recent publication, The Presidency in Times of Crisis and Disaster, illuminating how America’s presidents have responded to major tests of their leadership and approached their role and responsibilities in times of national crisis. The book covers crises and disasters from the presidency of George Washington through Donald Trump’s first two years in office.

Dr. Harward’s previous work focuses on the U.S. Congress, the presidency, the courts, and civic education. Among other books and journal articles, he is the author of Presidential Power and co-author of Presidential Campaigns.

The Robert H. Jackson Center of Jamestown, New York honors Justice Robert H. Jackson’s enduring legacy at the annual Warren Day event commemorating his birthday. Born in Spring Creek, Pennsylvania, on February 13, 1892, Robert H. Jackson was a country lawyer who went on to become Solicitor General, U.S. Attorney General, U.S. Supreme Court Justice, and Chief American Prosecutor at the Nuremberg War Trials.

For more information please contact the Robert H. Jackson Center at or call (716) 483-6646.

Book Cover, The Presidency in Times of Crisis and Disaster