8th Annual International Humanitarian Law Dialogs

A New World (Dis)Order: International Humanitarian Law in an Uncertain World

Now in its eight year, the International Humanitarian Law Dialogs focus on a new world (dis)order. Many courts have successfully prosecuted perpetrators and have begun winding down. However, the International Criminal court continues to find a role in a world that persistently manufactures disorder. As the death tolls in Syria rise above 190,000, ISIS continues gaining control in Iraq and Syria, and the violence in the Ukraine endures, world politics prevent UN intervention and ICC justice. Finding world order becomes more difficult and leaves victims disgruntled waiting for justice. As courts try to catch up with past and current atrocities new problems arise causing a cyclical system of disorder.

“A New World (Dis)order”: The Prosecutors

Each year the International Humanitarian Law Dialogs invite current and former international prosecutors to discuss current issues in international criminal law.

Key Note Speaker

Clara Barton Lecturer

Katherine B. Fite Lecturer


“A New World (Dis)order”: Speakers and Panelists

The Law Dialogs allow renowned academics and law experts to engage in a meaningful dialogue about issues related to modern international criminal law.