Young Readers Program with Dr. Allida Black

Dr. Allida Black

Due to weather/travel complications today’s presentations by Dr. Black have been canceled. We apologize for any inconvenience. 5.15.18 10:30 am

Dr. Allida Black will speak addressing the book “Lyddie” by the award winning author Katherine Paterson which is part of the NYS 7th grade curriculum. She will also address issues related to child labor law. The Roosevelt family recently gave her permission to re-release Eleanor Roosevelt’s book, “Tomorrow Is Now: It Is Today That We Must Create the World of the Future,” a 9th grade level book.

Our program is intended for middle and high school students. It is especially applicable for those who use “Lyddie” as part of the Common Core Standards included in the New York State curriculum. All students in grades 7-10 are encouraged to attend. Teachers are encouraged to read aloud (or assign the reading of) either or both of the above mentioned books.

There will be presentations at 10am and 1pm. Registration is required for both presentations. Please register with the form below or by calling 716-483-6646.

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