Teach your students to look at the world through the eyes of justice.

The Jackson Center offers two educator conferences a year. Designed for educators interested in the Holocaust, human rights, and the Supreme Court, the goal of the workshop is to connect the important work you do as a teacher to the life of Justice Jackson, the Nuremberg trials, and international justice. A professional development experience designed for teachers by teachers, its focus will be providing concrete, Common Core-friendly, classroom-ready activities you can immediately use, as well as the inspiration and confidence to help your students look at the world through the eyes of Justice Jackson.

Conference for Social Studies Teacher, Buffalo NY, 2014
Credit: The Robert H. Jackson Center

Why teach about Robert H. Jackson?

Integrating the life of Justice Jackson into your curriculum provides your students with the following important lesson

  • An appreciation for the Nuremberg trials and the foundational role they played in the establishment of international justice today.
  • An understanding of the power of the rule of law in preventing unjustified war and human rights abuses.
  • An awareness of Jackson’s contributions in landmark Supreme Court rulings that define justice in American society.
  • The knowledge of the life of one of the most accomplished and influential Western New Yorkers.
  • The inspiration to have the courage to follow Jackson’s example exposing injustices in our own time–both here at home, as well as overseas.
Teacher Workshop, Robert H. Jackson United States Courthouse, Buffalo NY, 2014
Credit: The Robert H. Jackson Center

Information about the fall 2015 Teacher Workshop will be available soon!