2016 Summer Internship Program

Jacob Sandstrom, Jamestown, NY, and is a rising sophomore at Case Western Reserve University in Cleveland, OH, majoring in Political Science with minors in Ethics and Environmental Studies. Jacob’s research project, “Free Thought, Free Speech, Free Action: Intellectual Individualism According to Robert H. Jackson,” seeks to explore Justice Jackson’s practical methods of balancing liberty and order, and to what extent his views were altered by serving at Nuremberg. In addition to his research, Jacob has worked to update the Center’s film library and current exhibit guide.


Free Thought, Free Speech, Free Action

Jacob A. Sandstrom’s Summer 2016 Research Paper

Summer 2016 Interns, Angela, Jacob, Emilia, and Heather
Credit: The Robert H. Jackson Center

Heather Bosau, Mentor, OH, is a rising senior at Allegheny College where she is an English major with a concentration in creative writing and a Social Justice and Legal Studies minor. During her summer at the Robert H. Jackson Center, she is exploring the ways in which Jackson’s legacy continues to influence contemporary iterations of the court, with an emphasis on his concurrences and dissents to show that he continues to have influence beyond the majority decisions he penned. This research will contribute to her paper entitled, “What Would Jackson Say: Robert H. Jackson’s Continued Influence on Contemporary Iterations of the US Supreme Court.” She is also conducting research to determine if Jackson had any influence on or involvement in environmental law during his time as an attorney or as a Supreme Court Justice.


What Would Jackson Say?

Heather Bosau’s Summer 2016 Research Paper

Angela Mauroni, New Kensington, PA, is a rising senior at Allegheny College, and is majoring in English with minors in journalism, history and political science. Angela’s summer research project, titled “He Travels Fastest Who Travels Alone: The Formative Years of Robert H. Jackson,” focuses on Justice Jackson’s early life and career as an attorney in Jamestown. As well as researching these early years, Angela has written an article on the Living Voices program hosted by the Jackson Center for the website


He Travels Fastest Who Travels Alone

Angela Mauroni’s Summer 2016 Research Paper

Jackson Center Summer 2016 Archival Intern

Emilia Beuger, Warren, PA, is a rising sophomore at the University of Massachusetts Amherst, majoring in International Relations with a minor in Political Science. Emilia is working in the archives this summer, assisting Jennifer Champ and focusing a large portion of time on the Nuremberg Trials. Her projects include reorganizing the archival collections, cataloging documents, researching persons connected to Jackson, and creating new collections for the archives. Emilia also assists the other interns by providing them with archival information for their research projects as well as by helping give tours to visitors at the Robert H. Jackson Center. Emilia plans to write her own paper, reflecting on the relevant information she will have learned over the internship that relates to Jackson’s legacy on her generation.

“From Jackson, I’ve learned the importance of eloquence, perseverance, and setting an example for others. Jackson’s legacy lives on through the frequent reference of his opinions as well as through the international court system he strongly advocated to create. In an increasingly polarized, political, and globalized world, I believe the words and precedents set by Robert H. Jackson will become even more important in maintaining balance in our country as well as the world.”