2015 Annual Campaign – “Why Robert H. Jackson?”

Stan Lundine, Chairman 2015 Annual Campaign

Dear Friends,

Because of donor support, remarkable things have taken place within the walls of the Robert H. Jackson Center over the past decade; and, by extension, in the greater Chautauqua County community.

Two sitting Chief Justices of the U.S. Supreme Court walked the halls of the Center to reflect on Jackson’s significant influence on the Court. Several members of Jackson’s prosecution team at Nuremberg spoke to rapt audiences in Jamestown, New York to share their personal observations of Jackson’s style and demeanor.  Named petitioners in some of the most pivotal Supreme Court cases in U.S. history sat in the Center’s Cappa Theater to discuss details of their cases never before heard or seen in print media.

The Jackson Center set a high bar in its first decade. Now, with your support, it is ready for its second Act.  Seventy years after Justice Jackson delivered his opening statement at Nuremberg, his life story, Liberty Under Law: The Robert H. Jackson Story, will be broadcast on PBS affiliate WNED/Buffalo on December 22, 2015 at 10:00 pm. The screening will be the first of several to introduce the nation and the world to the remarkable life of one individual who changed the world.  His life story resonates locally, nationally and internationally.

It is not enough to tell the world how important Justice Jackson’s legacy was, but how vital his legacy is to its future. The Jackson Center strives to be: (1) at the forefront of programming that explores and educates communities on the scope of fundamental rights under the Constitution; (2) a source of inspiration to young people to ‘dream big’ to sustain and protect the experiment of democracy and its Constitutional foundation; and, (3) the primary source on issues regarding the pursuit of justice amidst the quagmire of international conflict;

Justice Jackson recognized that a disengaged public, left unchallenged, is fertile ground to dismantle the protections of liberty.  Through his legacy, the Center is working to engage  a generation at risk of falling into apathy and disillusionment.  Help us reach our Annual Campaign Goal of $100,000 by funding a Jackson Center Teacher Fellow, or a Young Reader or any of the excellent programming we offer to engage a community of the hopeful.  Donate by mail, securely online at www.roberthjackson.org/support, or by calling to share whatever level of support you’re comfortable with. Consider becoming a Sustaining Member and make every day of the Center’s existence more self-assured.  Your support will help the Jackson Center create life-changing experiences.

Thanks in advance,


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