Robert H. Jackson Center

Roster of Law Clerks to Justice Robert H. Jackson

O.T. 1941: John F. Costelloe

O.T. 1942: John F. Costelloe

O.T. 1943: Phil C. Neal

O.T. 1944: Phil C. Neal (left spring 1945), then Murray Gartner (started spring 1945)

O.T. 1945:* Murray Gartner

O.T. 1946: Murray Gartner

O.T. 1947: James M. Marsh

O.T. 1948: James M. Marsh

O.T. 1949: Howard C. Buschman, Jr., and Alan Y. Cole

O.T. 1950: John Cushman and C. George Niebank, Jr.

O.T. 1951: C. George Niebank, Jr., and William H. Rehnquist (started mid-year)

O.T. 1952: William H. Rehnquist and Donald Cronson

O.T. 1953: E. Barrett Prettyman, Jr.

O.T. 1954: E. Barrett Prettyman, Jr.

* Justice Jackson at Nuremberg, on leave from the Court.