Robert H. Jackson Center

Jackson’s Life

Robert Houghwout Jackson was born in Spring Creek, Pennsylvania on February 13, 1892. At a young age, Robert and his family moved to Frewsburg, New York. He graduated from Frewsburg High School in 1909 and spent a post-graduate year at Jamestown High School. He did not attend college, but apprenticed in a law office and attended Albany Law School for one year. He took the New York State Bar exam at age 21, and became a prominent trial lawyer in Jamestown. He went on to become Solicitor General, Attorney General and an Associate Justice of the United States Supreme Court. He represented the United States at the London Conference that set up the International Military Tribunal, and served as Chief of Counsel for the United States at the first Nuremberg Trial in 1945 and 1946.

Jackson spent 25 years of his life in Jamestown, raising a family, practicing law, actively participating in the political arena and serving the community. During those years, he came to embrace the highest principals of conduct and fairness. Those values would come to characterize both his personal and professional lives.