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The Case Against the Nazi War Criminals

Book Jacket for The Case Against the Nazi War Criminals Published in 1946

In addition to his many speeches, articles and judicial opinions, Robert H. Jackson also wrote a few books.

In January 1941, Jackson, as Attorney General of the United States, published a best seller, The Struggle for Judicial Supremacy: A Study of a Crisis in American Power Politics (Alfred A. Knopf, Inc.). In the book, Jackson reviewed the history of the Supreme Court of the United States, the increase in its power through adjudications of the constitutionality of federal and state laws and, in response, President Franklin Roosevelt’s 1937 effort to resist judicial expansionism through “Court-packing” legislation.

In 1945, Justice Jackson published Full Faith and Credit: The Lawyer’s Clause of the Constitution (Columbia University Press), based on the 4th annual Benjamin N. Cardozo lecture that Jackson delivered at the Association of the Bar of the City of New York in late 1944.

The Nurnberg Case

Book Jacket for The Nurnberg Case Published in 1947

Justice Jackson also published two books based on his work as the chief United States prosecutor at Nuremberg of Nazi war criminals. In 1946, Jackson published The Case Against the Nazi War Criminals (Knopf), which includes his opening statement at Nuremberg (November 1945), the London Agreement (August 1945) and the Nuremberg Indictment (October 1945). In 1947, Jackson published The Nürnberg Case (Knopf), which includes his first report to President Truman (June 1945), the London Agreement, Jackson’s opening statement, his legal argument on the criminal charges against indicted Nazi organizations (February 1946), Jackson’s closing address at the trial (July 1946) and excerpts from four of his cross-examinations (of defendants Hermann Goering, Hjalmar Schacht and Albert Speer and defense witness Erhard Milch) during the trial.

When Justice Jackson died in 1954, he had drafted the Godkin Lectures that he was scheduled to give at Harvard University that winter. In 1955, these lectures were published as The Supreme Court in the American System of Government (Harvard University Press).

That Man

Book Jacket of That Man Featuring a Photo of Robert Jackson Shaking Hands with Franklin D. Roosevelt

Justice Jackson also had been writing, in his final years, a memoir of Franklin D. Roosevelt. This manuscript, discovered fifty years later, was published in 2003 as That Man: An Insider’s Portrait of Franklin D. Roosevelt (Oxford University Press). For more information on this acclaimed book, please click here


Robert H. Jackson also is the subject of books. Eugene C. Gerhart's biography _America's Advocate: Robert H. Jackson (1958) and his Supreme Court Justice Jackson: Lawyer’s Judge (1961), were reprinted together in 2003 as Robert H. Jackson: Country Lawyer, Supreme Court Justice, America's Advocate. In 1969, Columbia University Press published Mr. Justice Jackson: Four Lectures in His Honor, containing lectures that Hon. Charles S. Desmond, Professor Paul A. Freund, Justice Potter Stewart and Lord Hartley Shawcross delivered at the Association of the Bar of the City of New York, with introductions by John Lord O’Brian, Hon. Charles D. Breitel, Justice John M. Harlan and Whitney North Seymour. Dr. Glendon Schubert published Dispassionate Justice: A Synthesis of the Judicial Opinions of Robert H. Jackson (1969). In 2008, Gail Jarrow published "Robert H. Jackson: New Deal Lawyer, Supreme Court Justice, Nuremberg Prosecutor," an informative biography about Mr. Jackson for young adults. _